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“I have worked with dpw, inc. on multiple large-scale projects and found that their professional and proactive approach throughout has contributed significantly to the success of each project. Their ability to plan and execute challenging projects from conception through final completion is second to none. I consider dpw, inc. a valued and trusted member of the project team.”

Sean Donnelly, Director of Construction Management
at TMG Partners:


Bill Krill, Project Executive  at Swinerton Builders:

“The LinkedIn project at 222 2nd St presented a formidable challenge: To build out 300,000 square feet of first-generation TI office over 15 floors in 7 months.

Swinerton was also charged with the full design of the space, which demanded that we partner with the top subcontractors available.

dpw, inc. was selected as our design-build plumbing partner, and they exceeded our expectations on all accounts. From day one of design, dpw, inc. provided the necessary design, CAD, management, and field resources to provide detailed, cost-effective solutions on time.

dpw invested the resources to pro-actively get ahead of design challenges rather than reacting to them. At our weekly design workshops, dpw frequently led the discussions on providing cost-effective solutions and excelled at BIM modeling coordination and clash detection.

As a design-build subcontractor, dpw took ownership of their design into the field and substantially mitigated changes. The collaboration between dpw's design, management, and field teams resulted in a quality, on-time installation. dpw was unquestionably the right choice for our LinkedIn project and I would not hesitate work with them again.”

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“The majority of the projects I took on during my active years in the construction business were for private schools and other nonprofits where the Boards of Directors and staff of these organizations needed to know where they were going budget- and schedule-wise before they made a significant investment in fund-raising, planning, design, or engineering. Once the decision was made by the client to proceed with the project, it was our job to help them design and construct a project that met their goals and needs within the established budget. The consequences of failure in these situations, in my mind, are beyond repair.

dpw, inc. was our subcontractor on the plumbing side for many of these projects and were always more than proactive during pre-construction and construction, helping us achieve the goals of our clients. There isn't anyone I would rather have on my team than dpw, inc.“

David G. Plant, Co-General Partner
at Plant Construction:


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