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We focus heavily on planning and strategy during the front-end discovery process. Our forward-thinking, proactive approach means we're always looking for ways to add value while saving time and money—both for ourselves and the general contractors we work with.

For example, in some cases—such as in existing buildings, where “as-built” information is not always readily available or reliable—we turn to our technology tool chest, which contains BIM, 3D CAD, fabrication programs, and others. Always striving to be as efficient as possible, we will, when appropriate, use laser robots and 3D scanners to create an exact virtual model of the job site.

These tools are especially helpful in assisting other team members to quickly visualize and understand project details, including limitations and constraints. They also allow us to proactively resolve potentially problematic situations before installation begins.

Additionally, the software we use to detail our plumbing systems enables us to precisely fit the “virtual plumbing” into a 3D model. We then refine our approach and map out exact timing for fabrication and installation of the new work. Tablets allow us to easily access plans and other critical documents in the field.

Streamlining the process saves you valuable time


Change orders, time lost, and additional expenses can be a major headache, disrupting schedules and impacting budgets. The 3D building model cuts down on change orders by giving us the ability to see and eliminate many problems before we begin work.


The technology enables us to flush out problems on plans, including potential code issues, or point out how we might change sequencing. By using modern technology, we are often able to "bring the job site" into our office and complete tasks that are typically done onsite, including verifying existing building components (such as beams, ducts, and other obstacles) won't interfere with the new plumbing or piping layout.


3D technology also enables us to prefabricate all or part of most projects. Working in two locations—in our shop and at the job site—we can streamline the entire process, cutting down on potentially time-consuming and costly mistakes. “Seeing” the entire job before starting work is a tremendous advantage.

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