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dpw, inc. – An Innovative Team That Knows the Field and Their Way Around Town


dpw, inc. has deep roots in San Francisco. Founded in 1994 and working in the plumbing industry since then, we’ve had over 30 years to become familiar with our city, including the unique processes, procedures, and geographical challenges San Francisco presents.

We've seen outside contractors come to San Francisco excited—and leave, promising never to return. We've seen the city change and grow.

San Francisco is home to many high-profile building owners and businesses that employ very specific rules for working in their buildings. Some require every employee wear a company shirt to gain entry. Others don't allow people to congregate in groups of more than two. Yet others have specific delivery times, noise restrictions, and strict rules about hot work.
Yes, it's particular, but we have the familiarity and experience to navigate the unique obstacles and keep projects moving forward. We can focus our time and energy on productive efforts instead of dealing with unanticipated challenges that can throw a wrench into timing and schedules.

Each one of the dpw inc. owners has hands-on experience working in the field, bringing practical and conceptual knowledge to every project. As a result, our team has a big-picture understanding of the many details required for installation, adding tremendous value to design/build projects.

If there's something you don't understand, we are always willing to spend the time to answer questions, explain processes, and discuss your needs.

Innovative and inventive

We have always taken a problem-solving approach to our thinking and pride ourselves on being innovative.

We actively look for innovative ideas and methods so we can deliver excellent results for our clients’ projects. We believe our curiosity and commitment to finding simpler, faster, and safer ways to work, as well as our ongoing interest in unearthing solutions to problems, define us and improve the quality of our work.

For example, in the mid-1990s, technology solutions for commercial sub-contractors were few and far between. Our needs were different from those of a general contractor, a plumbing service contractor, or a residential contractor. We couldn't find a solution, so we developed our own program to manage and automate the repetitive tasks sub-contractors perform on commercial projects, including:  

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With this new tool, management could now see exactly where bottlenecks were occurring so they could adjust resources accordingly. Additionally, the software program was awarded the Mechanical Contractors of America E. Robert Kent Management Innovation Award for 2006.

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